Choosing a Method of Sending Money

5 Ways ATMs Generate Revenue for Stores

For customers, ATMs offer convenience, letting them draw money from their checking account without going to the bank. For stores, ATMs offer extra ways to earn money. If you run a store, here are the many different ways that an ATM can help your business generate more revenue. ATM Fees ATM fees are the most […]

4 Tips For Applying For A Business Loan

If you are running a business, a business loan can help you to definitely get a jump-start on some projects that you cannot currently afford to pay for out of pocket. However, applying for a business loan can be difficult. This is because business loans have stricter guidelines compared to personal loans. Here are four […]

How To Handle And Store Your Valuable Silver Coin Collection

If you collect silver coins, you need to keep your collection as safe and secure as possible. To keep your valuable coins in the best condition, handle them infrequently and store them in air tight containers free from moisture, humidity, dust, grime, and dirt. Several companies and brands make different styles of coin storage containers. […]

Three Questions To Consider When You’re Asked To Post Bond

When someone in your close network of contacts gets into a little trouble with the law, it’s possible that you might get a phone call from the person asking for assistance. Oftentimes, assistance in this situation comes in the form of being asked if you can post bail. Upon finding yourself in this predicament, your […]

3 Strategies To Make Your Paycheck Last Longer

Are you tired of being strapped for cash, wondering if you’ll be able to get by until the next paycheck? If so, then you might want to consider making some budgeting and spending changes that’ll help you make the most of your money. Of course, emergencies do occur, and when that happens, obtaining a paycheck […]

Put Your Customer First And The Sale Will Follow

Shoppers in today’s struggling economy are becoming increasingly more discerning. Not only are they conducting extensive research before they even enter your dealership, but they may feel uncomfortable and at times, or even suspicious of traditional vehicle sales tactics. If you want to make the sale, you need to offer your customers more than just a […]

How An Equipment Financing Consultant Can Help You Get A Lease Or A Loan

When you own your own business and use heavy equipment as part of your job, you may run into issues being able to afford new equipment that you need. If renting equipment, such as tractors, bulldozers, skid steers, or other large machinery is not an option you want to consider, you may think of leasing […]

3 Ways To Send Money To Someone In Brazil

Many people travel to Brazil to enjoy the culture and beautiful surroundings. It serves as a major tourist spot for people looking for a way to get away and enjoy the world around them. Unfortunately, many find themselves stuck in a situation where they need extra money when traveling. Thankfully, there are a few options […]

4 Things To Do Before Applying For An Auto Loan

If you are thinking about purchasing a car, most likely you are going to need to apply for an auto loan. This will allow you to get the car that you want without having to pay fully up-front, but instead pay it over time. Here are four things that you should do before applying for […]